As the leaves begin to fall and the temperature cools down, pool owners in Alabama often find themselves not only using their pools less frequently, but that their pools quickly become a home for fall leaves. However, just because the summer swim season is coming to a close doesn't mean your pool maintenance duties should be put on hold. Proper fall pool maintenance is essential to ensure that your pool remains in top shape and is ready for use when the warmer weather returns. Here are a few valuable tips to help you care for your pool during the fall months from Mr. Pool, a custom swimming pool builder in Alabama. 

1. Keep the Pool Clean

Though it might seem tempting to postpone pool cleaning until all the leaves have dropped, neglecting regular cleaning can quickly result in clogging or damaging filter systems. So it is crucial to stay on top of pool cleaning. Regularly skim the surface of your pool to remove leaves and other debris. Additionally, clean out the pool skimmer and pump basket as needed to maintain proper water circulation.

2. Balance the Water Chemistry

The water chemistry of your custom pool also remains important during the fall. The cooler weather can alter the water's chemical balance, so be sure to test and adjust your pool's pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels regularly. Proper water chemistry ensures that your pool water remains clean and clear, even during the colder fall season.

3. Cover the Pool

While pool cleaning is important for the upkeep of your custom Alabama pool, it can quickly become annoying. Thankfully, there is quite an easy fix to care for your pool during the off-season. Pool covers are relatively inexpensive and provide a great fix for the constant amount of debris that fall often brings. 

4. Maintain Pool Equipment

Pool repairs can be extremely expensive, especially if a full replacement needs to happen. Thankfully, by maintaining your pool equipment, such as the pump, filter, or heater, even in the colder months, you can help avoid the need for costly repairs. Furthermore, Fall is an excellent time to schedule routine maintenance and address any issues promptly.

5. Consider Winterizing Your Pool

In Alabama, winterizing your pool may not be necessary, as the climate is relatively mild. However, if you live in areas with occasional freezing temperatures, consider winterizing your pool by draining the plumbing lines and using pool antifreeze to protect the equipment.

6. Remove and Store Pool Accessories

Take down any pool accessories like ladders, diving boards, or pool toys and store them properly for the winter. This will help extend the life of your pool accessories and keep your pool area tidy. 

Mr. Pool - Weekly Swimming Pool Cleaning in Alabama

By following these fall pool maintenance tips for Alabama pool owners, you'll ensure that your pool remains clean, safe, and in excellent condition throughout the cooler months. Regular maintenance not only extends the lifespan of your pool but also allows you to enjoy your pool as soon as the warm weather returns. 

Yet, pool cleaning and maintenance can take a lot of time out of your already busy week. Thankfully Mr. Pool, a custom swimming pool company in Alabama, offers a weekly pool cleaning service so you don’t have to worry, even in the “colder” months. For more information, contact the pool experts at Mr. Pool today!