Being at home and enjoying your custom pool is one of the best feelings known to man. There is simply no better way to enjoy a lazy afternoon than by taking a dip in the refreshing waters of your pool for a float. Whether enjoying some quiet time in solitude, or enjoying quality time with friends and family, being by your pool is a surefire good time. So, what happens when you and the family go on vacation? How do you prepare your custom pool for weathering the holiday alone? Let’s break down some of the best tips to get your pool ready for vacation, from Alabama’s custom pool building experts at Mr. Pool.

Add Extra Chlorine to Your Pool

One of the most essential steps to take to maintain your pool while on vacation is to add an extra amount of chlorine to your pool’s water. The amount of extra chlorine that you should add to your pool depends on the length of your vacation, so be sure to research and confirm the proper chlorine dosage to ensure the safety of your pool. Make sure to run your pool pump system after adding the chlorine to help it circulate effectively. 

Another important step to take when super-chlorinating your pool is to check the chlorine levels when you return. It is of utmost importance to make sure your pool’s water is at a healthy chlorine level before swimming in your pool again. 

Schedule Your Pool Pump

Setting a timer on your pool’s pump will help keep the pool’s water circulating as needed without having to leave the pump on for the entirety of your vacation. Running your pool’s pump 24/7 can be very expensive for your power bill, so setting a daily timer will also help mitigate the cost of electricity to keep your pool in peak condition. 

Cover Your Swimming Pool

It is important to keep potentially harmful debris out of your pool while you are away, and using a pool cover is the best way to do so. Pool covers also limit algae growth in your pool’s waters, keeping it safe for use when you return from vacation. Owning a pool cover, especially one equipped for the winter months, is essential in good pool ownership, so consider investing in a proper pool cover if you do not already own one.

Check Your Pool Equipment

Making sure that your pool’s filter and pump are operating properly before you leave for vacation is of utmost importance. Without properly functioning pool equipment, your pool will be at risk for contamination and other potential harm. Conducting a routine maintenance check will go a long way in ensuring the health of your pool while you are away.

Phone a Friend!

Don’t forget the most simple and effective way to keep your pool safe: having a friend check on it! While away, it is always a good idea to have a neighbor or friend stop by and make sure everything looks normal at your pool. If the pool cover has come loose, debris could fall into your pool. Making simple checks will help make sure your pool is good and well during your vacation.

Alabama’s Pool Maintenance and Construction Company, Mr. Pool

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