There is nothing better than dip in the pool on a hot summer day in Alabama. The warm months in Alabama make the refreshing and cool water of a home pool that much better. But what do we do with our pools when the weather cools down? What does it look like to maintain a home pool not just in the heat of the Alabama summer, but also in the chill of the Alabama winter? Here are our tips for year round pool maintenance from Alabama's custom pool experts, Mr. Pool.


With summer generally being the season of heaviest use for home pools, it is generally the season that requires the most work to maintain your pool. Having a pool vacuum to help clean dirt, algae and debris from your pool is very important. Remember, more pool usage means more pool debris. Your pool filter will be working overtime, so also make sure to check and clean your filter regularly. 

Monitoring your pool’s water is obviously also of utmost importance. In the summer, it is especially important to monitor pool water levels. Because of the hot weather of Alabama summers, pool water evaporates at an accelerated rate, which can throw off the chemical balance of your pool water if left unattended. Make sure to refill your pool to the appropriate level and add chlorine as necessary in order to maintain the proper chemical balance.


When the leaves begin to fall in Alabama, it is crucial to not neglect cleaning your pool. The leaves themselves will not only sit at the surface of your pool, but also sink to and can stain the floor of your pool. Make sure to empty your skimmers regularly and have a net on hand if necessary to scoop excess debris from the pool. 

Routine water level checks and chemical checks should be done as usual in the fall as well. With the temperature dropping, make sure to adjust your pool’s heating/cooling levels in order to save money on power and to keep your pool’s water at a comfortable temperature. 


When the Alabama winter comes around, be sure to winterize your pool. Taking the proper steps to winterize will keep your pool from bacteria growth, debris, damage, and other harm. The first thing to do is to deep clean your pool. Removing all dirt, debris, and other pool toys/equipment from your pool will help your pool be ready for the cold Alabama winter. 

If you are in a part of Alabama where there is a freeze risk, be sure to lower your water level to accommodate for the expansion experienced during water freezing. Of course, the final and most crucial step to pool winterization is the thermal pool cover. Covers should be anchored down to prevent them from coming undone and letting debris in the pool. With the heavy tree cover of Alabama, it is very important to protect your pool from falling tree debris, even in the wintertime. 


As the weather in Alabama heats back up, bacteria and algae levels are ready to grow. To keep algae growth and bacteria levels under control, make sure to keep your pool’s water temperature down. Warm water enables accelerated algae growth, so make sure to limit the threat through appropriate water temperature regulation. 

Make sure to have your pool water tested for chemical levels and general water health after the winter layoff to make sure your pool is healthy and ready to be enjoyed by the whole family again. If any debris was able to enter your pool through the winter pool cover, be sure to have your pool vacuum or skimmer gather it. 

With over 50 years of combined experience, Mr. Pool has the knowledge to troubleshoot and solve any problems that may arise with any pool in Alabama. You need a dependable pool professional to keep your swimming pool clean, safe, and efficient. For more information on Mr. Pool’s weekly service plan, cleaning & repair services, and more, contact Mr. Pool today!