We use quality Tara liners

There is no substitute for a Tara Liner. Each Tara Liner is built to fit one pool, yours. We use the highest quality virgin vinyl to fabricate a liner that fits every corner, slope and feature of your pool. Our beautiful, distinctive liner patterns can bring a fresh splash of color to your backyard. Tara has been manufacturing vinyl pool liners for 30 years and our reputation speaks for itself. No other liner will last longer or look as beautiful as a Tara.

At Mr. Pool, we go above and beyond to take care of your pool. Mr Pool uses quality parts, liners, equipment: No Exceptions!

Quality Tara Liners for Pool Liner Replacements in Alabama

  1. We start by draining the pool and remove the old liner.
  2. We acid wash the steps.
  3. We prep any imperfection in the bottom of the pool, prep the walls with wall foam if needed
  4. Install the new liner.
  5. Finally, with the new liner replacement, we also change out all gaskets, skimmer plates, return plates and drain cover.

You and your family are now ready to enjoy another season in the pool, Just Like New!

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We use quality liners by Tara Manufacturing

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