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There have never been more ways to customize your new pool than there are today. Pool technology continues to develop at a rapid rate and enable custom pool owners to have the most advanced and personalized pools possible. Let’s go over some of the new developments in pool technology with the experts from Mr. Pool, the custom pool building company in Montgomery, AL.


Available from the custom pool builders at Mr. Pool, adding a custom bench with jets to your pool is one of the best ways to increase the comfort and functionality of your pool. Custom designed and shaped concrete pool benches are great features in any pool, and the addition of embedded water jets makes them an even better feature. From improved water circulation to therapy purposes, adding a pool bench with jets can greatly improve your overall pool experience.


Adding a custom waterfall to your pool not only makes your pool more beautiful, but it also has benefits to the functionality of your pool. Custom waterfalls increase the circulation of pool water, add white noise, and help keep pool water temperatures down. Improved pool circulation helps keep your pool healthy by dispersing the proper sanitizing agents and chemicals throughout your pool. This benefit is incredibly important in maintaining the cleanliness of your pool.


Adding an automatic pool cleaner with a booster pump to your custom pool is a huge help in helping keep your pool in the best condition possible. Through the new and improved technology implemented in the most recent automatic pool cleaners, you can ensure the cleanliness of your pool with debris removal and pool filter workload reduction, all without having to do the physical labor of cleaning your pool.


Installing deck jets to your custom pool are another new way to improve the aesthetics and health of your pool. By shooting controlled streams of water through the air and into your pool, deck jets create a great visual presentation for your pool, and also increase pool circulation and temperature regulation. These high-tech jets help keep pool temperatures down through water displacement, which also helps keep chlorine from being destroyed by the sun.


One of the major new developments in pool technology is the ability of the pool owner to manage their pool systems through their mobile devices. With iOS and Android control capabilities, pool owners can adjust pool lighting, pump speed, water temperature, and filtration system, all with the push of a button.


Electric heat pumps help you save energy and money when regulating the temperature of your pool. During warm weather, an electric heat pump is able to capture outside heat and efficiently transfer it to your pool’s water, all without creating heat of its own. This will help you save money on your power bill. Modern pool chillers are also energy efficient temperature controllers. They help cool pool water through the use of electric fans, also saving you money.


If you are looking to build a new custom pool with all the newest pool technology, Mr. Pool is here to help! We offer all these technology options and more in our new custom pools. We are experienced and ready to provide and install these features to existing pools as well.

Let us help you improve your existing pool or design your new pool with all of the latest in new pool technology! Contact the experts in pool construction, maintenance and repairs at Mr. Pool today by visiting us at our Montgomery showroom, located at 875 North East Blvd, or contact us today to get started!

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