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Have you always wanted to own a pool, but never quite pulled the trigger on building one? This summer is the perfect time to finally build your dream pool right here in Alabama. With so many great reasons to build a custom pool, here are the top 5 reasons why you should build your dream pool this summer with Mr. Pool, the experienced professional pool company of Alabama.


Whether you were born and raised in Alabama or relocated from somewhere else, it only takes one summer here to fully experience the heat of the southern sun. What better way to escape the intense heat than by cooling off in your very own custom pool! Don’t be stuck inside all day trying to stay cool. With a custom pool built by the experts at Mr. Pool, you can enjoy being outside without having to deal with the constant sweating and discomfort that accompanies it.


Pools are uniquely memorable places. Spending time with family and friends on an Alabama summer evening by the pool is an amazing way to build beautiful memories and grow closer relationships. Whether grilling out, ordering pizza, or anything else, summer meals out by the pool are memories that will last a lifetime. Letting the kids cannonball off the diving board and swim in your custom pool won’t just be building proud memories for them, but for parents as well.


One unique entertainment aspect of building a custom pool is that it provides entertainment for all ages. There really is something for everyone to enjoy at the pool. From a relaxing float to practicing your diving skills, learning to swim or playing pool games, the possibilities are endless of finding fun ways for everyone to make memories. Building a pool in Alabama is a surefire way to keep the whole family happy even when the summer heat is sweltering.


Working from home has become increasingly common in recent years. Finding ways to stay active while being at home is easy when you build a custom pool. Running in the Alabama heat until your knees can’t take it anymore doesn’t have to be your summer exercise solution any longer, because there are all sorts of exercises and activities to keep you healthy that can be done in your pool.

Swimming gives you an intense full body workout, all while being low-impact and easy on your joints. Swimming regularly can also decrease your risk of chronic illnesses like heart disease. Stay in shape and improve your cardiovascular health all while mitigating the risk of injury by building a custom pool this summer.


When using a high quality professional pool company like Mr. Pool, you can craft a stunning custom pool no matter what your backyard looks like. There are endless possibilities for customizing your pool’s design, with all sorts of shapes and sizes to fit your yard and your personality.

Mr. Pool is a professional pool company in Alabama. Not only are we experts at pool design and construction, but we also offer services such as pool cleaning, pool repairs, and maintenance. Let us help you turn your backyard into your own personal vacation destination! Visit our retail location at the Montgomery showroom at 875 North East Blvd, or contact us today to get started.

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