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After a long, cold winter, the warmth of the spring brings smiles to the faces of pool owners in Alabama. The smell of flowers blooming and the warmth of the Alabama spring weather make it the perfect time to get back in your pool and enjoy all of the fun it has to offer. But, after winterizing your pool for the cold season, how do you reopen it for the spring? There are several steps to opening your pool after the winter. Lets review these steps so you can get your Alabama pool back up and running in no time.


Quick Pool Cleaning

The first steps in opening your pool for the spring after being winterized is to remove your pool cover and any debris on top of it. Give your pool cover a quick visual check for leaves, branches, sticks, pinecones and any other debris that might have settled on top of your pool’s cover. Also, be sure to sweep away any nearby dirt and debris that could get into your pool after removing the pool cover. 


Setup Pool Equipment

When winterizing your inground pool, you likely removed or unplugged all drain plugs for your pool filter, pool skimmer, pool heater & more equipment. This will all need to be reinstalled before re-opening your pool for the spring. You may also need to reinstall your pool’s underwater lighting, depending on the pool. 

When setting up your pool equipment to help your pool get ready for the spring, be sure to check for any damage or degradation to your pool equipment. It is very important for the health of your pool and the cleanliness of your pool’s water to make sure that every piece of pool equipment is doing its job properly. 


Clean the Pool’s Walls

Sometimes during winter, your pool’s walls and tiles can accumulate stains from calcium and other winter conditions. Make sure to clean these stains off if applicable. This is an important step to maintain the hygiene of your pool before adding more water back to your pool. Cleaning your pool’s walls should also be a part of your typical pool cleaning routine.


Add Water to the Pool

Lowering the water level of your pool is a regular part of the winterization process. So, refilling your pool to the proper water level is one of the final steps in getting your pool ready for the spring. If the existing water already in your pool has accumulated dirt at the bottom, be sure to vacuum the pool before refilling it to the proper water level.


Run the Pool Filter

Before your pool is ready for swimming again, make sure to turn on the pool filter. Allow the filter to run for a day or so to cycle the entire pool and ensure that the water is clean. 


Test the Pool Water

Once you have verified that your pool’s pH and alkaline levels are at their proper numbers, your pool will be safe for swimming. Your pool’s pH level should be between 7.4 and 7.6, while total alkalinity should be between 80 and 120 ppm.


Get Your Alabama Pool Ready for Spring With Mr. Pool

Mr. Pool, Alabama’s experienced pool construction and maintenance company, offers pool services that will keep your pool running in pristine condition. If you are an Alabama inground pool owner looking for help with pool maintenance, pool cleaning, or new pool construction, contact the Alabama pool experts at Mr. Pool. With the experience and expertise that sets us apart from the competition, we are ready to help you with any Alabama pool installation or maintenance project.


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