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With the Alabama summer right around the corner, home pools are being reopened all across the state. Warmer weather means a more enjoyable time in the sun and in your own custom pool. Oftentimes, however, increased pool usage in the warmer Alabama weather also leads to increased energy costs for your pool. So how do we enjoy our custom pools without running up the electric bill? Let’s take a look at some of the best strategies to lower the energy cost of your pool this summer. 


Invest in an Energy Efficient Pool Pump

Pool pumps are an essential part of any home pool in Alabama. Unfortunately, they often use the most energy of any other pool feature. However, investing in an ENERGY STAR certified pool pump can pay dividends when it comes to your electric bill in Alabama. In fact, according to ENERGY STAR, certified pool pumps pay for themselves in 2 years because of their energy cost savings. 

Certified pool pumps are able to run at different speeds depending on pool usage, thus not wasting unnecessary energy. They also prolong the life of your pool’s filtering system and run quieter than other pool pumps. Because of their energy cost savings, it’s safe to say that investing in an energy efficient pool pump is a wise move for Alabama pool owners.


Skim Your Pool More Frequently

By skimming your pool more frequently, you reduce the need for your pump to be running. It’s simple. The pool pump’s purpose is to keep the pool water clean for swimming. When you skim your pool, removing debris from the pool water’s surface and at the bottom of the pool, your pump doesn’t need to run as much. 

While there are many highly effective electric pool skimmers, another way to save even more money on your Alabama electric bill is to skim your pool manually, using a skimmer net. These nets, which can commonly be purchased for $20 or less, have fine nets attached to the end of a long pole. This gives the pool owner an extended reach to remove debris from their pool.

Pool debris is common in Alabama, with pine straw, leaves, sticks & twigs, pinecones, and other yard debris often finding its way into pools. Because of this inevitability, it is important to monitor your pool for debris and use your skimmer net to keep the pool’s water free from debris.


Use a Pool Cover to Limit Debris and Evaporation

Speaking of keeping your pool free from debris, keeping a pool cover over your pool when it isn’t being used is a great way to keep your pool clean. This in turn lowers the need for your pool pump to run, which saves you money. 

As previously mentioned, the Alabama environment typically leads to a variety of plant debris that can find its way into your pool. Another effect that Alabama can have on home pools is an accelerated evaporation rate. The hot summer days make taking a dip in your custom Alabama that much more refreshing and enjoyable, but they also make your pool’s water evaporate even quicker than in less hot environments. Evaporation is simply an inescapable reality of all outdoor pools, but there are ways to limit the rate of evaporation for your pool. 

By having a pool cover covering your pool when it isn’t in use, you can very effectively lower the rate of evaporation. Instead of heating up and evaporating into the air, your pool’s top layer of water is protected from the sun, which stops evaporation. This in turn saves you the money that it would cost to keep your pool’s water level at the desired height and proper chemical balance. 


Mr. Pool: Alabama’s Custom Pool Experts

When it come to expertise on Alabama pools, no one does it quite like Mr. Pool. From custom pool construction to pool maintenance, repairs, expansions, pool liners, pool cleaning & more, Mr. Pool has the experience and knowledge to get any job done.

For more advice on how to save money on your pool’s electric bill, or other pool tips, contact us today. If you are looking for a new custom pool construction, you can request a free quote here. Give us a call today for more information, and get ready to enjoy the beautiful Alabama summer from the comfort of your very own pool!

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