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The Alabama summer is well underway, and now is the best time of year to throw the perfect pool party for friends and family! But, what does it take to throw the perfect Alabama pool party? Let’s take a look at the keys to making your next pool party a perfect one, from the custom pool construction and cleaning experts at Mr. Pool in Alabama.


Step 1: Build a Pool

What’s the most important ingredient to a pool party? Obviously the pool! In order to host the pool party of the summer, you’ll need to build a custom pool. If you’ve already checked off this box, then you’ve got the most important step taken care of. If not, you will want to find a trusted and respected pool building company in your area to construct your new pool. 

Be sure to build a custom pool that fits your needs and personality. Pools are actually able to be customized extensively with different decor options and other optional pool features. For instance, adding a diving board, waterfall, hot tub extension, or any manner of other pool features are great ways to make your new pool your own. Trusted pool builders can integrate these pool features along with new pool technology that can enhance your pool experience greatly.


Step 2: Establish a Pool Cleaning Routine

If you want your pool to last and perform its best when it comes to water quality, infrastructure integrity, and pool feature functionality, establishing a pool cleaning/maintenance routine is key. Some services that help your pool stay clean and properly functioning are vacuuming the pool, brushing the pool’s walls, netting surface debris from the pool’s water, emptying the pool’s pump and skimmer baskets, and checking the chemical levels of the pool’s water.

All of these steps go a long way in ensuring that your pool is operating properly, which prevents equipment damage and other costly side effects of pool malfunctions. These can all be conveniently scheduled for weekly service for your home pool from trusted and experienced pool experts.


Step 3: Keep Your Pool Safe

The perfect pool party is only perfect if it’s safe. Pool safety is an absolutely crucial aspect of owning a pool, and when throwing a pool party, pool owners need to take the proper steps to ensure safety for their guests. Small children for example, can be at risk of falling into a pool on accident if not properly supervised. Installing a pool fence is an excellent way to prevent children from entering a pool on accident. In fact, pool fences are legally required in some states. 

It is everyone’s responsibility at a pool party to look out for each others’ safety, which means carefully supervising children and those who are not strong swimmers. Tragedy can be avoided by being present and not too distracted to notice a potential hazard when it arises. When friends and family are enjoying hanging out by the pool, be sure to keep an eye on the pool itself to keep the pool party safe. 


Step 4: Invite Your Friends!

The last step in throwing the perfect pool party is to invite your friends over to the pool! With so many available pool features to help enhance the party, including advanced temperature control, diving boards, pool games, and even hot tubs, the possibilities for fun at your pool are endless. Adding a grill outside and comfortable seating areas for the party to gather and get ready for a night of memories!


If you are an Alabama pool owner interested in weekly pool cleaning and maintenance services, contact us at Mr. Pool in Alabama. We are expert pool builders and are ready to start new pool construction projects, pool maintenance, or scheduled pool cleaning services. Contact us today to get started, and to make sure you are ready to throw the perfect pool party this summer!

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