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Alabama is often known for its humidity and heat, especially in the height of summer. Yet, even when the weather has proven volatile and harsh, it has never dampened the spirit of residents. Whether it be birthday parties, family get-togethers, or an escape from work, backyard swimming pools have been the foundation for events and comfort for years across Alabama.

Yet, building a swimming pool can be a significant financial investment that changes your home’s landscape forever. So, before choosing whether to install a pool or not, here are a few benefits from Mr. Pool, an experienced pool company that specializes in custom swimming pools across Alabama.

Property Value and Home Investment 

Despite supply chain delays for building materials, the swimming pool construction industry has grown 2.4% per year (on average) since 2017, according to the market research company IBISWorld. Ultimately, it seems that due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, homeowners want to swim in the privacy of their own homes, instead of crowded public pools or beaches.

So, with the recent growth in the swimming pool industry, can a pool also increase the property value of your home? Research suggests that it can, depending on a few important factors. These include where you live, the value of your home in relation to those around you, the current state of Alabama’s housing market, and more.


A swimming pool can provide endless year-long entertainment to family and friends, making it one of the most common motivations behind any pool construction project. Swimming pools can quickly become the perfect centerpiece for any event, whether watching the iron bowl, celebrating independence day, or throwing a birthday party.

Along with many unique layouts, Mr. Pool allows for further customization through the ability to add a slide, diving board, electric heat pump, automatic cleaner, custom landscaping, and more so you can transform your backyard into a vacation destination.

Exercise and Relaxation

Often, exercise equipment was made for one purpose–for you to exercise. In contrast, a pool possesses multiple uses, two of which are the ability for you to not only exercise but relax afterward.

When you build a custom pool, gym memberships or exercise equipment can become obsolete without risking your physical fitness. Swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise that helps you build upper body strength at the same time.

Then after a workout, you can prop your feet up and enjoy the naturally relaxing atmosphere a custom swimming pool can bring.

The Difference With Mr. Pool

With over 50 years of combined experience, Mr. Pool is a pool company that specializes in new pool construction for residents across Alabama. Whether choosing from our wide array of layouts or a completely custom design, Mr. Pool promises your new pool will be of the highest quality.

Get a free quote today for more information on custom swimming pools in Alabama!

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