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Do you have a wish to make a new swimming pool at your home ground? It is going to be a new experiment and,at the same time, a matter of excitement. There are very few instructions for building a new pool online.

We have done a lot of research and finally made this complete guideline for you. Let’s have a look at the new pool construction procedure. We have discussed it for the newbie. You can learn from the very beginning.

Step by step procedure for making a new pool

Take permits and ready Engineering plan

This is the very first thing that we need to do before starting a swimming pool. The engineering plan must have to be done with proper instruction. After that, the plan should be accepted by the local state, and the homeowner needs HOA approval at this time. Without their permission, it is not possible to have a swimming pool. The HOA has done this job once or twice a month, so you need to do that quickly.

Make the Layout for Pool

The PV tools representative will come to your resident, and they will portray the pool out that you have approved with your nearest sales consultant. It indicates the size, location, and shape of your swimming pool.

Now it’s time to go for Excavation

The excavation crews will come to the home with some heavy equipment, and the process might take1-2 days to complete the job. Hard dig is widely used when the soil conditions are needed to remove the bucket from the main excavator, and after that, it will be changed with a ripper attachment. It will certainly help to deal with the hard soil.

Setting up plumbing

It is designed to provide the best circulation and filtration for getting delicious crystal clear water. This process will make the maintenance task very easy. The pool company will help you to ensure that the necessary equipment and piping are being fitted on the correct size. An experienced plumber does this process.

Now it’s time to build the structural steel

It is being recognized as a reinforcement structure for your pool and the major components of engineering plans. A series of bars is being placed horizontally and sometimes vertically as per the requirements. It is wholly dependent on the wish of the homeowner.

Gas & Electricity supply is vital for any swimming pool

Proper lighting will create a romantic feeling inside the swimming pool. As it is a luxury project, people want to decorate the pool as beautiful as they can. An expert electrician will come to your pool, and he will set up the electricity line.

Mrpoolal can help you to do that. The homeowner needs to contact with SRP for having the gas line. You need to call them and fix an appointment after that. You will not have to pay for this service as they work for free.

An Inspection by city electrical

It might take2 to 5 days. After completing the electrical line, inspection is being done by the authority.


We know it as gunite or a sprayed concrete which is using for creating a shell of your new pool. After completing it, the homeowner needs to spray water to it to cure slowly. After completing this process, we need to wait 5-7 days for the betterment of the pool.

Adjusting tiles to the pool

Now its high time to adjust tiles on the pool depending on the shape. Extra caution needs to be taken for the pool edge and the space of the waterfall. You should recheck it several times that is there anything wrong or not? Here the time frame is depending on the complexity of your swimming pool.


Decking is needed for the beautification of your pool. The most popular decking techniques are concreted or pavers. Concrete decking can be made with cool deck, stamped, acid wash, etc. Paver is famous for its longevity maintenance.

The outdoor area set up

After completing the decking set up, the pool company will go for the construction work of the outdoor living area. It can be made with a sunshade, or some people love to place it in an open place. The decoration of the chair and roof should be attractive. Easy chairs are mostly using here for the comfort zone of the users.

After completing the bath from the swimming pool, you will love to spend some time in the outdoor living area. It must have to be well decorated and should attract the user at a very first glance. Some people love to place a flower pot there for mental refreshment.

You need to contact with the pool company and tell them about your desire. It is very much possible to create an extra comfort zone here. You can decorate the chair roof and the front area of outdoor.

Final inspection by the city authority

The city authority will complete its last inspection after the setup process. They will let you if there any mismanagement happens. They will certify that it has been made by following all the rules that are needed to be followed.

Clean up the pool

Now it’s time to clean up the pool carefully, and the pool company will remove all the garbage out from there. After that, they will create the pool surface and fill it with water. They have to balance the water chemistry so that any kind of awkward thing will not happen here.

An expert technician will set up this procedure, and they will tell you in detail. For example, how much time does it take to fulfill the pool with water, and how frequently you need to change the water?

Last few words | New pool construction procedure

I believe we have discussed the procedure step by step, and now you can easily understand what could be the time frame for making a new pool? Mrpoolal is always with you for making a new pool or any kind of advancement work in the pool. Stay with us and let us know your precious opinion. We lie to hear from you.


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