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Summer vacations can be an incredible escape from the stress, anxiety, and overall business of life. Unfortunately, no matter how amazing the vacation was, it always comes to an end. Yet, what if there was a way to take your most extravagant resort aspirations and place them in your backyard?

Often, custom swimming pools can have a great amount of appeal for any Alabama resident, but in the end, it’s just a hole filled with water right? Here’s a breakdown of a few potential features a custom pool could have and how it can transform your backyard into a dream destination from the experienced custom pool builders at Mr. Pool.

The Best Custom Swimming Pool Amenities

Before choosing any custom amenities, it is important to choose a pool builder that understands your wants while presenting the necessary experience to execute them. As with any large investment, taking time to research the best pool builders that service your city in Alabama is essential.

Custom Waterfall

That’s right, one of the most beautiful parts of nature can quickly become the centerpiece of your backyard. While the practical nature of a swimming pool is great, sometimes, inground swimming pools can look boring.

Adding a waterfall can improve the overall look of your new pool and increase the relaxation your backyard provides. Much like white noise for a baby or rain on a tin roof, the sound of a waterfall encourages comfort, ease, and a stress-free environment.

Hot Tub

Swimming pools are great, except in the colder months. Adding a hot tub to your custom pool can combat the cold air and be the centerpiece of any party or event. Furthermore, by partnering to build a hot tub with a custom pool builder, you can guarantee that it will match the unique style of your backyard.

Outdoor Kitchen

Food is essential for any party or event, yet, as the host, it can be hard to juggle cooking and conversing with guests. An outdoor kitchen transforms your event space into the best of both worlds.

The Difference With Mr. Pool

The beauty of a custom pool is the ability to truly make it your own while staying within budget. Yet, as mentioned, finding a dependable pool builder that understands exactly what you want is important.

With over 50 years of combined experience, Mr. Pool is a pool company that specializes in new pool construction for residents across Alabama. Whether choosing from our wide array of layouts or a completely custom design, Mr. Pool promises your new pool will be of the highest quality.

Get a free quote today for more information on custom swimming pools in Alabama!

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