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Characterized by the busy public pools, beaches, and lakes, summer in Alabama is only a few months away. Yet, despite how fun a rest day or vacation can be (especially in the height of Alabama heat), relaxation is far away…

That’s why many families in Alabama are choosing to build a custom swimming pool. Yet, when it comes to new pool construction, what exactly happens? Here is a breakdown of what to expect during the construction process of your new swimming pool from the experienced custom pool builders at Mr. Pool in Alabama.

Your Custom Pool, From Dream to Reality

From start to finish, it is essential to remember that building a custom swimming pool is a lengthy process. Yet, with a dedicated pool builder like Mr. Pool, it can not only be an easy process but a fun one.

Before any dirt is moved, custom pool construction starts with a few necessary choices. These include choosing a pool shape, pool options, and most importantly, a professional pool builder. A few custom pool options could include adding a custom fireplace, hot tub, outdoor kitchen, waterfall, safety cover, and more.

Like any large investment, it is important to choose a pool builder that not only understands your unique wants and needs but will build your new swimming pool at the highest quality and best price.

After establishing what shape, size, and custom options you want with your new pool builder, actual construction can begin. Typically, new pool construction can be broken down into three main stages: preparation and excavation, construction and final touches, then pool cleaning and maintenance.

1. Preparation and Excavation

Construction starts with extensive preparation. This includes tree removal and cleanup so both you and the builder can have an exact location for your new pool. This is quite a crucial step because once the structural pieces are in place, a pool is almost impossible to move.

2. Construction and Final Touches

After excavation, the actual construction of your new pool can take place. This includes structural support, plumbing, electrical components, and any custom options you choose at the beginning of the process.

Once everything is in place and secured, any and all final touches are made. This includes the liner application and any other chosen accessories.

3. Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

After weeks of work, it can be amazing to see your backyard come to life with the addition of a new custom pool. Yet, without proper cleaning and maintenance, a swimming pool can quickly become disgusting, and green scum is just the beginning…

So, before diving in, it is important to have a schedule in place to make sure your new investment remains well-cleaned and maintained. Regular swimming pool maintenance extends the life of your pool and equipment and keeps your backyard’s aesthetic pristine.

Mr. Pool: The Pool Builder of Your Dreams

Mr. Pool is an experienced pool builder that offers new pool construction services to residents throughout Alabama. When it comes time to make your backyard oasis a reality, it is important to choose a new pool builder that understands your wants and can execute them perfectly.

For more information on how Mr. Pool can help you build the pool of your dreams in Alabama, contact Mr. Pool today!


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