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The pool construction process can be overwhelming as there are a wide range of choices to consider when deciding what kind of pool is the best choice for you. Right from where you are sitting, you can easily insert your pool preferences, get a quote for your new in-ground swimming pool, and start building your dream backyard vacation destination instantly with the various pool shapes that are available to choose from.

Myth: One Custom Pool Size Fits All

We provide the chance to choose between a variety of sizes that will best fit your backyard in Alabama. Mr. Pool offers homeowners the choice between a standard in-ground swimming pool or a selection from our custom add-ons. Our expert pool builders build pools with custom shapes, liners, and borders that will fit your space.

Mr. Pool offers a number of unique pool shapes in addition to the standard selection of pool styles like Rectangle, Grecian, and Roman shapes. Styles like the Mr. Pool capital pools are ideal in-ground swimming pools for creating a great space in your backyard for fun and relaxation. The custom shape of the capital pool is similar to the kidney-shaped pools. Capital pools can transform your backyard into a space that looks and feels like an oasis.

The Capital Pool: Your Backyard Oasis Awaits 

The irregular shape of these pools are great for homeowners with a backyard of all shapes and sizes. Capital swimming pools are great in an irregularly shaped yard because of the curvature of the walls of these types of pools which can be molded around divots in a yard. For larger backyards, these capital pools look great and partner well with other custom pool features like waterfalls, infinity pools, rock ledges, and more.

At the same time, capital pools are a great choice for small spaces and backyards with a spa or a garden area. Mr. Pool’s capital pools are excellent for creating a more sociable atmosphere for people to gather together. These pools have spaces built in sections that function as interior pool seating which allows guests to gather whether they choose to swim or just hang out. This is great if you are looking for a pool company to build a swimming pool that will transform your backyard and create a space for entertainment and fun.

The capital pool can be an excellent choice for exercises like swimming laps as its irregular shape provides an interesting shape for swimmers to circle. If you have a sun shelf installed in your capital pool, sun shelves are ideal spots for resting between laps or reps in the pool. Sun shelves are also excellent additions for premium rest and relaxation in the heat of the summertime in Alabama. The capital pool sizes range between 12×24, 14×26, 16×32, 18×36, and 20x40ft.

If you have or plan on doing more landscape work to your backyard, oasis and capital pools are an excellent choices. Since these pools have walls that curve in and out, they can accommodate different plants, gardens, spas, or other structures that might be scattered around a yard.

Even in smaller spaces with less extra room in the yard, you can fit a few lounge chairs where there are indentations in the pool walls if you still want seating around the pool. These types of pools can be the easiest to clean since there is less surface area overall to clean, and if you have a waterfall flowing into the pool, it moves the water around which helps keep it more clean.

L & T Shaped Pool: Custom Pools For Space 

Pools in an L-Shape or a T-Shape are a good choice if you want a pool that can be built to work around a big tree or two in your backyard. The extra space in your yard where the walls intersect in the T or L can be a great place to put reclining lounge chairs. If you want a pool closer to your house to consider putting L-Shaped pools can also be great

What About Smaller Yards?

For smaller backyard spaces, consider choosing a Rectangle shaped pool. These pools are the most common shape pool for a standard, suburban yard since they have the most straightforward shape. Most of these pools do not come with many interior add-ons like a waterfall or spa.

If you just hope to make a space for young kids to swim around, play, and get some exercise out in the fresh air, these are great pools. If you want to elevate the pool experience with one of these pools, Rectangle-shaped pools pair well with a diving board or a slide. A rectangular pool is ideal for watching younger kids when they swim; since the walls are straight it is easy to spot them.

The Difference With Mr. Pool

In conclusion, Mr. Pool offers Alabama residents a wide range of possibilities for the shape of their custom pool depending on space and preference. Let us help you transform your backyard into a space that will benefit you for years to come.



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