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With temperatures averaging over 90°, summers in Alabama are among the hottest in the United States. That’s why many families flock to the innumerable lakes, beaches, and community pools throughout Alabama, which can, unfortunately, lead to overcrowded water and apprehensive vacations.

While vacations are great, when it comes to beating the “famous” Alabama heat, there is nothing better than having a custom pool. Yet, much like any investment, swimming pools require regular maintenance and cleaning to be effective.

Here are a few reasons why pool cleaning is essential from the expert swimming pool builders at Mr. Pool.

What is “Effective” Pool Cleaning?

Before describing why pool cleaning is vital to the longevity and quality of your swimming pool, it is important to distinguish what exactly qualifies as “effective” and “necessary” pool cleaning. Here is a quick breakdown:

  • Netting Water
  • Brushing Walls
  • Vacuuming
  • Emptying Pump and Skimmers
  • Backwashing the Filter
  • Inspecting Equipment
  • Blowing the Pool Deck
  • Checking and Balancing Chemicals

While many tasks on this list are important, it is not extensive. When it comes to regular pool maintenance, it is best to have a dependable pool expert on your side.

Pool Cleaning Saves Money

Much like any “large” investment, regular maintenance can save time and money from potentially expensive repairs. Swimming pools are no different.

Contrary to popular belief, pools are more than just a hole in the ground full of water. In-ground swimming pools are made of many different components: water, linings, skimmers, drains, pumps, filters, return jets, custom options, and more that all need to work together in order to be successful.

Thus, when one part of a pool “ecosystem” fails or breaks, the whole system can be damaged. This means every component needs to have regular cleaning and maintenance in order to keep your swimming pool…swimming.

How to Clean Your Swimming Pool

Alabama weather can go from stormy to sunny to cold to hot with the flip of a switch, which means debris and damage can occur just as fast to your custom swimming pool. So, when it comes to regular maintenance and cleaning, how should you do it?

While the list above can help with some general tasks, it is important to understand how your pool works and the best practices to maintain that. Yet, when life inevitably gets busy, things like the health of your outdoor swimming pool often get overlooked.

Mr. Pool is a custom pool company in Alabama that offers weekly pool cleaning in order to take the work out of owning a swimming pool. With over 50 years of combined experience, Mr. Pool has the knowledge to troubleshoot and resolve any situation that may arise with any pool in Alabama.

For more information on our weekly pool cleaning service, contact Mr. Pool today!

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